MCR Photo competition shortlist

The call for photos last month was met with a fantastic response by MCR members. We received 70 entries in the inaugural MCR photo competition. The categories are ‘Caius’, ‘Cambridge’ and ‘Anything else’. The master of Caius college will now judge the winner of the competition.

Check out the shortlisted photos on Flickr.

2016-17 MCR Election Results

Following an unprecedented turn-out, the line-up of this year’s MCR Committee is as follows:

President Christian Jones
Vice-President Yassen Abbas
Treasurer Thomas Fairclough
Secretary Sreela Jonnada
Dining Officers Hugo Larose, Lucy Cunningham, Olivia Tysoe, Rachel Fellows
Social Secretaries Lindsay Pike, Danielle Cagliuso, Benedict Tompkins, Emma Werner
MCR-SCR Officer Michael Kosicki
Welfare Officers Stephanie Chrysanthou, Maria Tsapali
Women’s Officer Kate Schneider
First Year/Freshers Reps Lola Mariam Alli, James Whitworth
International Officer Julio Song
Green Officer Daniel Summerbell
Sports Officer David Gawith
LGBT+ Officer Hugo Larose
Computer Officer Guo Yu
Partners and Families Officer Jennifer Jones

A warm welcome to each of them and thank you to all our excellent candidates.



2016-17 MCR Committee Elections

The 2016–2017 MCR Committee elections are upon us, get excited! While few positions are contested, the fearsome RON (re-open nominations) is also always an option.

Political junkies should be sure to comb through the finer points of the candidates’ manifestos (attached) in advance of hustings next Thursday at port night (28 January at 8.15 PM) in the MCR. It is sure to be ann enjoyable and entertaining evening. The poll will be open from midnight that evening for 48 hours (i.e. the whole of Friday and Saturday). The link to voting online (requiring log-in using Raven/your CRSid) will be sent out neare the time.

The candidates for the Caius MCR 2016–2017 Committee Elections are as follows:

President:  Matthew Cassels (nominated by Bogdan Cristea and seconded by Claudia Brown). Manifesto: Matt Cassels
Christian Jones (nominated by Tammy Chen and seconded by Alex Shattock). Manifesto: Christian + Yassen

Vice-President:  Yassen Abbas (nominated by Tammy Chen and seconded by Alex Shattock). Manifesto: Christian + Yassen

Treasurer:  Thomas Fairclough (nominated by Lindsay Pike and seconded by Hamish McQueen). Manifesto: MCR Treasurer T A Fairclough

Secretary:  Sreela Jonnada (nominated by Helen Springbett and seconded by Christian Jones). Manifesto: MCR-Secretary

Dining Officers:  Hugo Larose, Lucy Cunningham, Olivia Tysoe, Rachel Fellows (nominated by Yassen Abbas and seconded by Stephanie Chrysanthou). Manifesto: Dining

Social Secretaries: Lindsay Pike, Danielle Cagliuso, Benedict Tompkins, Emma Werner (nominated by Thomas Fairclough and seconded by Edward Higson). Manifesto: Socials

MCR-SCR Officer: Daniela Peris (nominated by Paulina Rowicka and seconded by Jens Van’t Klooster). Manifesto: Daniela
Michael Kosicki (nominated by Alex Shattock and seconded by Luca Telesca). Manifesto: poster

Welfare Officers: Stephanie Chrysanthou and Maria Tsapali (nominated by Bogdan Cristea and seconded by Alex Shattock). Manifesto: Welfare

Women’s Officer: Kate Schneider (nominated by Christian Jones and seconded by Marcus Klarqvist). Manifesto: Women

First Year/Freshers Reps: Lola Mariam Alli and James Whitworth (nominated by Caitlin Ellis and seconded by Christian Jones). Manifesto: Freshers

International Officer: Julio Song (nominated by Bihe Chen and seconded by Maria Tsapali). Manifesto: International

Green Officer: Daniel Summerbell (nominated by Bogdan Cristea and seconded by Vivek Roy-Chowdhury). Manifesto: Dan

Sports Officer: David Gawith (nominated by Callum Benson and seconded by Bogdan Cristea). Manifesto: David

LGBT+ Officer: Hugo Larose (nominated by Caitlin Ellis and seconded by Christian Jones). Manifesto: LGBT

Computer Officer: Guo Yu (nominated by Alex Shattock and seconded by Oliver Chick). Manifesto: Guo

Married Officer/Partners and Families Officer:* Jennifer Jones (nominated by Alex Shattock and seconded by Yassen Abbas). Manifesto: Jennifer

*Since no married members of the MCR came forward to stand for this position, and in the interests of inclusivity and in line with the MCR Committees of other colleges, a motion has been brought forward to amend the constitution and broaden the definition of this portfolio. For full details see the attached document: MCR constitution amendment (‘MCR Constitution amendment‘). There will therefore be a brief Open Meeting at the start of Hustings where people can vote for or against the amendment. Any other appropriate motions must be emailed to our secretary ( 72 hours in advance of the Open Meeting.


Welfare officer by-election


The winners are:

Cheng Chen and Hannah Laeverenz-Schloegelhofer

Congratulations to both of them and welcome on board!


The candidates for the position of MCR Welfare officer are as follows:

  • George Tetley and Nick Grantham. Proposed by Tom Drury and seconded by David Gawith
  • Niki Kunciw and Michael Gottschalk. Proposed by Tammy Chen and seconded by Joe Ciardiello
  • Cheng Chen and Hannah Laeverenz-Schloegelhofer. Proposed by Yassen Abbas and seconded by Claire Brighton

Dear all,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our welfare officer is no longer able to hold his post and, as a result, we are opening nominations for the position, which can be held by a maximum of two people.

The deadline for announcing your candidacy and submitting a brief manifesto is at midnight, Thursday, 4th June.

By custom, the Vice-President is typically in charge of overseeing the elections; if you are interested in running for the advertised position, please therefore email your manifesto to the MCR Vice-President, Caitlin Ellis (cme38), providing also the names of two MCR members who are willing to second your candidacy (i.e., support you running for the position – nothing more!).

The hustings will take place at the last port night of term, on Thursday, 11th June and the election will be an online ballot open for 24 hours starting that evening.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Caitlin.

Bogdan Cristea (MCR President)

University Challenge Victory


Gonville & Caius team, which included two members of the MCR, i.e. our very own Anthony Martinelli (the captain, 6th year medic) and Mike Taylor (3rd year PhD in History), has triumphantly won the University Challenge competition. The other two members of the winning team were Ted Loveday (2nd year Law) and Jeremy Warner (4th year Chemistry). In the grand final of the show they competed against Magdalen College, Oxford, whose team they had already defeated in the quarter-finals. The incontestable hero of the night was Ted, who managed to answer 12 starters correctly, including a surreal question on the very specific hapax legomenon. Huge congratulations to all of them on this impressive victory, as they made us immensely proud!

2015-16 MCR Committee Elected

Dear Caians,

It is our pleasure to announce this year’s MCR Committee:

President Bogdan Cristea
Vice-President Caitlin Ellis
Treasurer Alex Shattock
Secretary Helen Springbett
Dining Officers Apostolos Apostolakis, Stephanie Chrysanthou, Maria Tsapali
Social Secretaries Yassen Abbas, Claire Brighton, Sebastian Porsdam-Mann, Luca Telesca
MCR-SCR Officer Paulina Rowicka
Welfare Officer Yiwang Xu
Women’s Officer Sophie Aspinall
First Year Reps Tammy Chen & Rosa Sun
International Officer Bihe Chen
Green Officer Johannes Richter
Sports Officer Callum Benson

Ben and I have had a wonderful year working on your behalf, and we hope that some of what we’ve accomplished has made a material difference in your time at Caius — it’s truly been a pleasure.

Handover, which takes place for the month of February, involves officers passing on their portfolios to new committee members — so you’ll see both sets of Committees in action for the next 3-4 weeks.

In the meantime, a warm welcome to our successors, particularly Bogdan and Caitlin: we wish you the best in the year to come.

With very best wishes – we’ll miss you all!!

Allegra & Ben


2015-2016 MCR Committee Elections: Candidates and Manifestos

Election season is upon us! Below is a roster of the candidates standing for election to the 2015-2016 MCR Committee. Proceedings will kick off in earnest with hustings at port night this Thursday, January 29th at 8.30 PM in the MCR; the election itself will take place on Friday, January 30th from from 12.00AM-11.59 PM.

The candidates for the Caius MCR 2015-2016 Committee Elections are as follows:

President: Bogdan Cristea (nominated by Tom Drury and seconded by Nick Grantham) President & VP Manifesto

Vice-President: Caitlin Ellis (nominated by Tammy Chen and seconded by Niki Kunciw); President & VP Manifesto

Treasurer: Alex Shattock (nominated by Michael Gottschalk and seconded by Maria Tsapali) Treasurer Manifesto

Secretary: Helen Springbett (nominated by Cheng Chen and seconded by Claire Brighton) Secretary Manifesto

Dining Officers: Stephanie Chrysanthou, Apostolos Apostolakis, Maria Tsapali (nominated by Callum Benson and seconded by David Gawith) Dining Officers Manifesto

Social Secretaries: Claire Brighton, Yassen Abbas, Sebastian Porsdam-Mann, Luca Telesca (nominated by Rosa Sun and seconded by Bogdan Cristea) Social Secretaries Manifesto

MCR-SCR Officer: Paulina Rowicka (nominated by Allegra Fryxell and seconded by Anna Osnato) MCR-SCR Manifesto

Welfare Officer: Yiwang Xu (nominated by Karthik Chandrasekharan and seconded by Matthew Mathew) Welfare Officer Manifesto

Women’s Officer: Sophie Aspinall (nominated by Caitlin Ellis and seconded by Gabby Lewis) Women’s Officer Manifesto

First Year Reps.: Rosa Sun and Tammy Chen (nominated by Bogdan Cristea and seconded by Caitlin Ellis) Freshers’ Reps Manifesto

International Officer: Bihe Chen (nominated by Paulina Rowicka and seconded by Lucy Allen) International Officer Manifesto

Green Officer: Johannes Richter (nominated by Paulina Rowicka and seconded by Ben Folit-Weinberg) Green Officer Manifesto

Sports Officer: Callum Benson (nominated by Evan Keyzer and seconded by Stephanie Chrysanthou) Sports Officer Manifesto

If anybody is still interested in getting involved with the committee this year, the following positions are still vacant: Married Officer and Computing Officer. These are valuable roles and so it would be great if anybody wanted to step in! Don’t hesitate to get in touch ( if you have any other questions.

MCR Committee Elections, 2015-16

Dear Caians,
MCR Committee elections will take place on Friday, 30 January 2015. The following positions are available to be contested; positions with an asterisk are typically occupied by 2-3 members:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Dining Officer(s)*
  • Social Officer(s)*
  • Computer Officer
  • Welfare Officer
  • International Officer
  • Women’s Officer
  • Green Officer
  • First Year Rep(s)*
  • Sports Officer
  • LGBT Officer
  • Married Officer
  • MCR-SCR Rep
  • Accommodation Officer

The deadline for announcing your candidacy is noon, 23 January 2015.

According to custom, the Vice-President is the ‘Returning Officer’ for MCR elections. If you are interested in running for one of the above positions, please email Ben Folit-Weinberg ( to register as a candidate,

(1) stating which position you are contesting; and

(2) providing the names of two MCR members willing to sponsor (second) your candidacy.

The deadline for submitting a brief manifesto to Ben is noon, 25 January.

Hustings (where all candidates are invited to say a few words about why they should be elected – always entertaining!) will be held at Port Night on 29 January, and the election will take place by online ballot starting midnight Thursday and remaining open for 24h until midnight Friday, 30 January.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Ben or with the incumbent committee member for the position that you are interested in.

Once again, do consider running for a committee position. It’s great fun, excellent experience, and well worth your time!

Best wishes,



MCR Constitution 2011ed. – Section IV

Congratulations to Catherine Porter

Catherine Porter’s paper “Bound and Unbound Identity: The Reconstruction of Katanga’s Nationhood Struggle” has won the 2014 African Studies Association Graduate Student Paper Prize awarded to the best graduate student paper presented at the ASA annual meeting. The award will be presented at the next annual meeting of the African Studies Association in November 2014 in Indianapolis.



Welcome back!

Dear Caians,

Welcome back to another term at Caius! Michaelmas term officially starts Tuesday, October 7th (and you can sign up to dine in hall from then), but in the meantime Joe & Lucy have compiled an impressive programme for Freshers Fortnight, which kicks off this Friday, Sept. 26th. Attached is a full schedule of events that all grads are invited to attend, so please drop by to see old faces and meet new ones!

What else is on? The Social Secs take on Newmarket races, House Reps are needed, and a save-the-date for your Michaelmas bop; see below for details.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon,


1. Freshers Fortnight: ALL Caians welcome

First up: Drop by Caius Bar this Saturday (Sept. 27) from 8-11pm for an informal bar evening to meet the new Freshers 😉

Come to Saffron Brasserie for the ‘international curry dinner’ on Sunday at 7.30pm (sign-up required). OR, try your luck bowling on Monday (8-10pm) or dining on fresh tapas and classy cocktails at La Raza on Wednesday, October 1st (sign-up required). Download the Excel file for the complete calendar of events: MCR Freshers 2014 – all grads

 2. Caius at the GEE-GEES!

For those of you who enjoy high-octane-adrenaline-fuelled sport, others who used to enjoy F1 but now disapprove of the carbon footprint, fellows who appreciate fine bloodstock, and some of you who simply enjoy boozing in a crowd, the Cambridgeshire day at Newmarket is what you have been waiting for. Saturday the 28th September, suited and booted; be there with a racing post under one arm and a little float to get you going in one of the liveliest investment playgrounds outside wall street!

Get in touch < gjt32 > if keen. Tickets are £17 but might be able to negotiate with a larger group.

Afterwards I suggest drifting into Newmarket to experience a lively, pugilistically charged atmosphere at the Yard pub, which is opposite SUFFOLK’S BIGGEST NIGHTCLUB; De Niro’s. Wow! A palace of profligacy. Newmarket is very close, again with numbers we can likely order a minibus, and it is served by the train.

 3. House Reps needed: 3, 5, 8 Harvey

We’re still looking for House Rep volunteers for 3, 5, and 8 Harvey Road. In exchange for a modicum of labour (regularly disposing of the recycling bin, keeping abreast of any problems in the house, and the occasional solicitation from your lovely MCR Committee about heating/draughtiness), you are renumerated £20 from your college bill.

If you’re interested, please email arpf2.

4.  Save the Date: Michaelmas Bop

The first bop of the year will be Friday, Oct. 17th at Harvey Court – more details to follow from your Social Secs!