About us

Gonville & Caius, founded in 1348 and counting over 1000 academics and students, is one of the oldest and largest colleges of the University of Cambridge. The College welcomes applicants of all backgrounds to join a community of almost 300 graduate students. The beautiful College Old Courts are in the heart of Cambridge. The MCR (‘Middle Combination Room’) is the Graduate Students’ Union. We organise several events every week, and we are one of the only Colleges to run Formal dinners over the Easter and Summer Vacation. Our weekly Port nights are one of our most popular events, and a great occasion to catch up with other Caians after Formal. Most of us live in the Caius Graduate hub around Harvey Road.

The MCR Committee 2018
Here is the dedicated team that runs the Gonville & Caius MCR and organises all the fabulous events! We're an approachable bunch, all contacts end in @cam.ac.uk! [Under Construction, handover to 2018 Committee in progress]

Amelia & Lander - MCR President & VP

Hi! We're the execs of the Caius MCR Committee! We represent our fellow MCR Caians at College meetings and Councils, and make sure our voice is heard. If you have any concerns, comments or queries, get in touch at ad652 (Amelia) or lsmmb2 (Lander) (add '@cam.ac.uk')

Maria, Carolin, Lizzie, Emily

Hi! We are the Social Secretaries, our job is to organise the MCR social events. These include the traditional Port Nights, every Thursday after Formal Hall, the BOP parties at the Harvey Court MCR once per term and the highly anticipated Summer X garden party. We are always open to listening to any suggestions and we are looking forward to having a fun year with you! Email

Cameron - MCR LGBT+ Officer

Hey! I’m the LGBTQ+ representative in the Caius MCR, and I am responsible for the welfare and representation of amazing group of LGBTQ+ students here. This mostly entails organising events within college and publicising LGBTQ+ issues and events happening in the wider university. If you have any queries about the LGBTQ+ community at Caius or the university as a whole, don’t hesitate to contact me at cs942@cam.ac.uk

Sascha, MCR Treasurer

Hi, I’m Sascha, a PhD student in Physics. As your treasurer I am responsible for the budget that each office in the MCR is being allocated. Any questions on our financial structure, get in touch at sf561@cam.ac.uk!

Lindsay & Ben - Freshers' Reps

Hello, we're your Freshers' Representatives for 2018! Caius MCR is a pretty close-knit and active community and that's what we hope to continue to foster this year. We will communicate with new graduate students as soon as we know you're joining us, and help you integrate into Caius with a busy and varied fortnight of events in October. We hope this will bring new and current students together! Please get in touch if you have any questions - especially if you are considering applying to Caius! Email: ljp58@cam.ac.uk (Lindsay) or bgs25@cam.ac.uk (Ben)

Hugo - MCR Computing Officer

Hey there, I'm Hugo! As your current Computer Officer I am in charge of improving and keeping the MCR website updated and helping you with any networking-related issues. I would also provide Freshers with useful information to get set-up, such as online guides and maps. So, if you have any problems with networking, need some IT Office assistance or want to suggest news /events to share, just drop me an email! Email: hl457@cam.ac.uk

Mus, Marion, Wouter - Dining Officers

Hi, we're your Dining Officers! We look forward to organising some incredible events - we're in charge of the termly Superhall and the Formal swaps - but most importantly the famous MCR Christmas Dinner! Email: Caidmcr@hermes.cam.ac.uk

Michele - International Officer

As the International Officer, my job is to look after the non-home students in the MCR, after their first arrival in Cambridge and during the winter break. I will organise international-themed social activities, trips around the city and so on. If you have questions or issues regarding the settling in Cambridge, or want to suggest any ideas, just drop me an email! Email: ms2381@cam.ac.uk

Michael - MCR Sports Officer

Hi, I'm Michael, the Sports officer. I aim to provide advice and assistance to new freshers in choosing a sport or society that helps them achieve a healthy work-life balance. I also organise occasional sporting activities within the MCR, and alongside MCR events e.g. pool tournaments, ultimate Frisbee and croquet in the summer! Any questions get in touch with me at mg725@cam.ac.uk

Stephan - MCR-SCR Representative

Hi! I'm the MCR-SCR rep! Here are some of the events I organise: the biweekly series of research talks, MCR members joining the SCR at High Table, SCR members dining with graduates in the Gallery - and the annual Graduate Conference. Email: su263@cam.ac.uk

Juliana, MCR Secretary

Hi! I'm a first year PhD student in Genomics. I'm here to ensure communication between the MCR committee and our members, and for ordering our Caius stash. If you have any questions for the MCR or myself please do get in touch at jcmc3@cam.ac.uk

Rachel - MCR Green Officer

Hi! I’m Rachel, this year’s Green Officer and a second-year PhD student in Molecular Biology. I’m here to promote sustainability of the college by reducing waste of materials and energy. I also work with the college about use of the gardens and am responsible for the allotments. Get in touch with me if you have any questions about energy waste in your house, recycling or any other green related issues. Email: rcf46@cam.ac.uk