This year the MCR entered a boat in the Lent Bumps (‘Caius M3’), the crew, pictured below, bumped St Catherine’s M3 on the first day, Sidney Sussex M2 on the second day – after which they should have rowed at the tail of the 3rd division as the sandwich boat, but racing was cancelled for the rest of the day due to a dangerously slippery towpath. On Thursday and Friday again the conditions were too bad for the third of fourth division to row. On the last day the MCR boat rowed over at the head of the fourth division, before bumping Queens M3 and hiking themselves up to the third division for next year! The Caius Boat Club decided to award the MCR boat blades due to the fact that they bumped at every occasion afforded to them. The crew would like to give a special mention to theirexcellent instructor Joep ten Wolde who coached them to victory over the past term!


Left to right, back to front: Joep (coach), Jilles (seat 2), Nis (stroke), Nick (seat 7), Anthony (seat 4), Beñat (seat 3), Hugo (seat 5), Alessandro (bow) – and in the front, Lander (coxswain) and David (seat 6).